140 College Avenue Ithaca



Student Housing | Addition | Ithaca, NY 14850 | 2014

This property was formerly known as the John Snaith House was located in the Collegetown historic district in Ithaca. The Po Family wanted to add a single residential addition to their existing student residence. A four storied building addition includes a living room/dining room, a kitchen, laundry facilities on the ground floor. The first, second and third floor consists of four bedrooms with two shared bathrooms.

Because it was located in the historic district, the improved addition’s visual relationship to the original structure and its appropriateness as an addition to the building of historic importance. The connection separated by a glass connector and clad in lap siding to make a clear distinction between old and new. The roof shape of the addition matches the existing mansard roof, cornice detail as well as matching dormers. The window trim detailing is kept in with the appropriate proportions the existing stone lintel. The existing brick wall and chimneys covered by the addition has remained intact.

The proximity of the property to goods and services in Collegetown and Cornell campus made the site an ideal candidate for higher density development; therefore encourages a walkable environment. JKDA has designed a bike storage structure in response to the requests made by the planning board at the TDM plan hearing to eliminate the parking requirement. The trellis structure has been designed to allow bikes to be stored vertically so the roof can provide better weather protection.

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